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President Richard Englert announces plans to step down from Temple University

Englert, who is the 11th President of Temple, will not leave his post until a successor is found. This is a developing story. Check back for updates. President Richard Englert announced that he will leave Temple University in a conference call taking place after the university’s Board of Trustees meeting today. He will not leave his post until a successor is found, said Board of Trustees Chairman Mitchell Morgan, though his goal is to retire by the end of the 2020-21 academic year. The se

COVID inked

Their employees are medically trained by the American Red Cross. Their facilities have months’ worth of personal protective equipment stocked. And they can see less than a handful of customers each day. So why are they one of the last businesses to reopen from COVID-19 restrictions? That’s the question Philadelphia tattoo shop owners and artists have asked for three months. “We’re more prepared to open up than any barber, any salon, any nail salon, anything like that,” said Bryan Holland, 39,

Temple to close Friday to recognize Juneteenth

The holiday marks the day when enslaved people in Texas learned of the Emancipation Proclamation in 1865, two years after it was signed. Temple University will close on Friday to recognize Juneteenth, President Richard Englert, Provost Joanne Epps and Chief Operating Officer Kevin Clark wrote in an announcement Wednesday evening. Juneteenth commemorates the ending of slavery in the United States in honor of June 19, 1865, the day Union soldiers arrived in Galveston, Texas and state resident

Temple University announces plans for in-person and online fall classes

The university announced it will begin phasing in-person operations back on campus during the summer. Temple University announced Tuesday a phased approach to reopen campus to hold a mix of in-person and online classes for the Fall 2020 semester. The semester will begin on Aug. 24 as scheduled and end in-person operations on Nov. 20, with the last week of classes and finals taking place remotely. Classes that are “very large” will occur virtually and smaller classes will offer in-person ins

Temple student: George Floyd’s death in my hometown brings back memories of my classmate | Opinion

But as I watch from Philadelphia this week, as another black man in the Twin Cities is dead after an incident with local police, I see the same high school classmates and teachers who I mourned with after Khaleel, Jamar, and Philando’s shootings. This time, though, the protests have been days long and more intense. The Twin Cities police have been teargassing and shooting rubber bullets at protesters, the governor has deployed the National Guard, many neighborhoods and buildings are burned down,

How Temple’s class of 2020 celebrated graduation from home

The university’s largest graduating class yet took part in Zoom toasts, grill outs and photo shoots to salute their achievements on Thursday. Still, they await their official commencement day. Four years ago, Ananya Bhowmik’s family flew to Philadelphia from Dhaka, Bangladesh to watch her brother graduate from college, but she wasn’t able to make the ceremony. This year, though, she expected to celebrate her college graduation with 18 of her family members who had booked flights to see her gra

Temple students show how their semesters changed after COVID-19

Students shared photos with The Temple News of what their lives looked like before and after the university transitioned to online classes. On March 11, Temple University announced it would transition all classes online due to the spread of COVID-19, evacuate students in on-campus housing and encourage students living off campus to return home. These changes took effect beginning March 16, almost exactly halfway into the Spring 2020 semester. As the semester comes to a close, The Temple News a

Why Temple faculty are adjusting courses during COVID-19, and what they’ve learned

The various learning environments created by the COVID-19 have made some professors choose to cancel final exams, excuse late assignments and reweight grades. While at home during the COVID-19 pandemic with her 4-year-old son, a husband who’s working for Temple University Hospital Nurses Association, and taking classes for her master’s in counseling psychology, Anna Peak is continuing to teach four undergraduate courses — but under new course expectations and requirements. She’s gotten rid of

Temple students who are essential workers balance online classes, extra shifts

Since returning home, many students are working new schedules at essential businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. A few weeks ago, Alexandra Pietralczyk worked one seven-hour shift every other weekend at Gerrity’s Supermarket when she’d visit home in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Since returning home after Temple University closed Main Campus, she is working 39.5 hours a week, on top of balancing her 17-credit, now-online course load. “When I say I’ve been stressed, it’s an understatement,” sai

Tied in leases, Temple students grapple with off-campus housing amid COVID-19

As the university encourages students living off campus to return home, many students are still expected to pay rent for leases that go through the end of the semester. Taylor Franck has no plans of returning home to Easton, Pennsylvania or leaving her off-campus apartment on Montgomery Avenue near Willington Street. And she’s not alone, either, she said. “I’m on a pretty popular college student street, so I do still hear the parties going on, you know the frat houses and everything, so overal

Temple students discuss struggle to access food during COVID-19 outbreak

The Cherry Pantry was given a limited amount of time to move its operations to remain open as Main Campus closed earlier this month due the coronavirus pandemic. Before she got her job at the Philadelphia Flower Show, Desiree Sawyer’s only source of getting food was Cherry Pantry, Temple University’s on-campus food pantry. While working, she was able to buy her own groceries and expected to be transferred to work at the Philadelphia Zoo after the flower show was over. But the zoo’s now closed

Temple to refund students for meal plans, parking passes

The rebates will be issued from the last day the student used their meal plan or parking pass to the end of the spring semester. Temple University will issue pro-rated refunds to students who paid for on-campus meal plans and parking passes for the spring 2020 semester amid Temple’s decision to move to online-only classes over COVID-19 concerns, said Ray Betzner, a spokesman for the university. The rebates will be issued from the last day the student used their meal plan or parking pass to the

Tracking confirmed cases and COVID-19 related deaths in Pennsylvania

What to do if you are sick? Stay home, avoid public areas and avoid public transportation if you feel sick. You should isolate yourself from people as much as possible and limit contact with pets and animals. You should call your doctor and schedule an apointment before visiting a doctor’s office, urgent care, etc. You or your doctor should alert a health department of your illness. If you are sick, you should wear a facemask around other people. Cover your coughs and sneezes and wash your ha

SEPTA cuts Regional Rail service by 25 percent, refunds university passes

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority announced that today it would enact its Severe Weather Plan and start an enhanced Saturday schedule service plan for Regional Rail Lines due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The service reduces the Regional Rail services 25 percent, cutting down from running 769 weekday trains to 581, said SEPTA Assistant General Manager of Operations Scott Sauer at a press conference on Tuesday. The service includes adding service for the Cynwyd line and Wilmington/New

Here are emergency aid resources for Temple students during the COVID-19 outbreak

Several organizers and companies on campus and in the city are offering food and housing resources during the pandemic. After Temple University announced its decision to transition to online classes and evacuate on-campus housing for the rest of the semester over COVID-19 concerns on March 11, several Temple and Philadelphia community members, organizations and companies have organized mutual aid resources to assist students. The Dean of Students Office is continuing to offer an emergency fina

'Not everybody can just drop everything and run': Temple students move out eight weeks early

The university instructed students in on-campus housing to vacate by March 21 over concerns of the COVID-19 outbreak. Scrambling to leave early is emotional and difficult for them and their families. Boxes of shampoo on the sidewalk. Pairs of shoes left behind in dormitory halls. Security guards and police officers standing outside residence halls as students frenziedly unite with parents in pickup and moving trucks. Temple University students living in university housing, along with their fri

Cutting staff, hours and prices: Temple food businesses prepare to adjust to online classes

On and off campus, food trucks, vendors and stores are seeing business and staff leave as the university transitions to online learning and services. Sylvia Ndreu is shutting her food truck down. With no students on campus, there’s no point to keep it open, she said. “Two weeks, anybody can handle,” said Ndreu, owner of Foot Long Truck on 12th Street near Norris. “But we’re talking eight weeks now.” As Temple University transitions to online learning and students leave campus for the remainde

Here are the services available to Temple students after university goes remote

Student support services, like academic advising and the Student Success Center, will be available remotely. Student services, like Student Health Services, Tuttleman Counseling Services and Disability Resources and Services, will remain open for the remainder of the spring semester while Temple University transitions to online learning, according to a university announcement on March 12. These services, along with academic services like academic student support services, like the Student Suce

‘Scared’ and ‘unclear’: Students react to Temple’s move to online teaching to combat COVID-19 spread

Temple will move to online course instruction on March 16 to combat the spread of COVID-19, a disease caused by the novel coronavirus. Hanna Pronina doesn’t want to leave her off-campus apartment to go home to Kharkiv, Ukraine. But she fears she has to. “I personally do not know how I would be affected to the fullest, cause my parents, especially my father might want me to come home,” said Pronina, a junior biology major. “… In reality, I just really do not know what’s about to happen.” Proni

Petition to move Temple classes online created over COVID-19 concerns

A petition with more than 1,700 signatures calls on the university to transition to online classes. An online student petition to suspend Temple University’s Main Campus in-person classes and shift them online started Monday on, an online petition website. The petition states that due to concerns over the COVID-19 outbreak, the university should “act proactively instead of reactively.” “By cancelling classes we can slow the spread and mitigate the damage caused by the vi
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