The Temple News and Philadelphia Neighborhoods Win 19 Keystone Student Media Awards

On March 15, 2022, the winners of the 2022 Keystone Student Media Awards were announced, and many Temple University student journalists are still celebrating the success of The Temple News and Philadelphia Neighborhoods across several categories for a total of 19 awards. The Temple News earned 12 of those, which is the highest number earned by a single publication in the Division I category this year. The awards are a statewide competition where schools compete in divisions based on their numbe

Klein’s Partnership with Resolve’s Broke in Philly Lays Foundations for Collaborative Work

Student journalists at Klein College of Media and Communication have been producing professional-quality work for years. Reporters at student news outlets such as WHIP, Temple Update and The Temple News are well-acquainted with covering city-wide issues from a student perspective, and so it is no surprise that these outlets and Klein have entered a partnership with Resolve Philly's Broke in Philly project. Under this agreement, student reporters worked collaboratively across outlets as well as w

Resolve Philly and Journalism Department Bring Student Reporters Together with Their Very Own Sound Off

With the spring semester ending and the summer months stretching out before student's eyes, the uncertainty around how long shelter-in-place guidelines might last are taking a toll on students already balancing the demands of school, reporting as a student journalist, and simple survival. While classes and professional development workshops do not often provide space for more personal discussions, students and student reporters are also without the public forums of campus newsrooms and Annenberg